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geotec manufactures sustainable prefab housing in the world accessible to everyone

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Use healthy and eco-friendly building materials.

A leader in prefab home design and an emerging, innovative player in home manufacturing.

Empower individuals, architects and small developers who want to build theie

Manufacture single and multi family homes that are high-quality, sustainable, healthy and durable. 




  • Professional group with superior technology through the innovation and development of construction, environment, leisure culture.

  • Optimizing the company with business partners through the business strategic cooperation, and maximizing the company profits by technology sales and exports via global strategy.

  • Best company which improve the welfare of mankind all over the world.


  • Knowledgeable Management : Making the employees have the feeling of achievement and worth of work, providing them of vision, goal, planning, and action taken for their prosperous future.

  • Transparent Management: Making the optimized company by building a good teamwork and realizing the effective organization with one goal and one team.

  • Performance Reward Management; Making the company which all member can work in the groove by giving the sufficient reward for their great performance.


geotec company Ltd founded 

Acquired patent (Prefabricated FRP dome)

Exhibited at MBC Architecture Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Obtained a “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2003” by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy Korea (GD)

Exhibited at MBC Architecture Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Designated as 'New Technology and New Product' by Environmental Newspaper

Designated as 'New Technology of Construction Culture' by Korea Economy Newspaper

Registered as Special Construction Business

Found R&D company 'geotecUSA' in Los Angeles, USA

Exhibited at 'SUMMIT' in New Orleans, USA

Acquired patent (method of FRP reinforced Silo)

Obtain a “GOOD DESIGN SELECTION 2017: by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy Korea

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